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I LOLed muchly.

Good job, Timmy!

"Holy moly! That merit badge in marksmanship's paying off. Owned, bitch!"

btw- I have an extra Call of Duty 4 MP Beta key if anyone on my f-list wants it (it should work).
  • you must have xbox live gold account to use it
  • this is for the multiplayer, online beta (nothing single player)

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I just passed a tourist on the street trying to flag a cab.

Unless it's 2 am (when the bars close) or you're in front of a hotel, that rarely works here.

You (usually) need to call a cab.

This isn't Manhattan, and they don't just drive around for shits and giggles!

If you're in W Hollywood, call Beverly Hills Cab @ (310) 273-6611. Write it on your arm or something. They're super quick. BUT, you need to have an address. Telling them to meet at the corner of x and y usually won't fly. They want an address.

Remember the info you gave them, because they may quiz you when they show up (people will steal your cab). The BH cabs are so awesome they generally check to see if you are whom they're supposed to be picking up.

If for some reason Bev Hills Cab doesn't work, backup is: Yellow Cab... (877) 733-3305.

Anywho... that's my good deed for the day. Write the shit down. Live it; love it; drink it.


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Don't entitle your meeting in Outlook as "Lame ass _____ meeting" when voice command is enabled.

Having your phone say "Lame ass ____ meeting, one minute overdue," while in said lame ass meeting is... awkward.

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You know those dish brushes that hold dishwashing liquid in the handle so you can squirt soap onto your dishes (see pic)?

Well, so before you stick the brush in the dishwasher to wash it, uhm.... You should apparently always remove any remaining soap from the handle first.

I had an I Love Lucy moment in the kitchen.

Suds... everywhere.


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