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Tomorrow is my friend Victoria's memorial service.

It's weird.

Victoria and I met at a dysfunctional startup at the end of the dotcom boom. Our cubicles next to each other. It was a long time ago--so many lifetimes ago it feels like. Since WHN, we only spoke periodically, and usually via text, Facebook messaging or comments. We saw each other even less. Years would go by between random lunches with Jessica, her, and me--our "peep lunches" we called them. But Victoria was as unforgettable as she was strong. She probably never knew that I thought and spoke of her often.

I remember the antics of our former employer.

I remember vividly her wedding. It was at a beautiful location. She didn't want to bore her guests with a long, drawn out ceremony, so the ceremony itself was short, had an amazing singer. It was short, memorable, to the point, as she wanted to get onto the celebration. It was Victoria.

I remember the bunny she had briefly (William) whom I met..

Peep lunches were almost always held at the Hamburger Hamlet on Sepulveda--it was a place we went often when we worked together. Their lobster bisque was one of our staples--that and those little crispy onion rings. I remember one time laughing in the parking lot after we'd eaten. As I walked her to her car, looking for her usual beemer, she stopped by an SUV and popped open the hatch. "That's right. I drive an SUV now, with a car seat. Can you believe it?! ....Me, of all people!" She said with her usual devilish smile.

Eventually the West L.A. Hamlet closed. When we heard the original Hamlet on Sunset was closing, we had to have a peep lunch there. We reminisced in one of those iconic booths. We talked about her jobs. She was in P.R., and she always had stories to tell--she repped Larry Flynt! She always had doozies to tell. I had no idea this would be the last time I would see her.

As we were leaving the Hamlet, she told me she was dealing with cancer. "This is a wig!" She exclaimed, with her usual smile. "You okay?" I asked. She of course told me she was doing fine. I took it. I don't deal with that stuff well, and this was Victoria. She's indestructible. I knew she'd be fine, and I never gave it a second thought.

When I heard recently there were talks about opening another Hamlet on this side, I thought "Great! That will be our next peep lunch." One of my coworkers I work closely with does P.R. for the company I work for. I've brought Victoria up numerous times to her, as well as randomly to friends. I don't think she ever knew how often I thought of her, and brought her up either directly or indirectly. I never told her. I guess I was really proud of her. I never told her how much I admired her-- her tenacity, animation, and strength of character. I'm not sure I realized any of it myself. Emoting is not something I'm particularly comfortable with, but now I find myself filled with regret for never having told her.

Even though we only saw each other every couple of years, I guess I just always took for granted she'd be there, and we'd still be sharing stories every so often.

It was the Thursday after celebrating the gay rights wins from the Supreme Court just the day before. That evening, I saw the post on her Facebook from her husband letting everyone know she'd passed that afternoon. I felt like someone punched me in the stomach. I must have scrolled back a half dozen times to reread it thinking I must have read the name wrong. For a moment, I had no idea what had happened. Then our conversation at our last Hamlet lunch hauntingly came back to me.

Those random things that happen in my day that make me think of her still pop in my mind. Then I remember she's gone. I never realized what an impact she made on me. I was selfish for not taking what she told me that day more seriously, all because of my usual naive notion that not dealing with it somehow makes it not real.

And as I pick out my outfit for tomorrow, it still doesn't seem real. I miss you already.

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I picked up my Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2 promptly at midnight last night. It was pretty crazy: Infinity Ward had a tank, a humvee, and a line that wrapped around the block. After freezing my ass off for an hour, I got my precious—which I played on Veteran until 5 in the morning when I thought it might be good to get 3 hours sleep before work.

The game is simply fraking AWESOME. I didn't know if Infinity Ward could outdo Call of Duty 4, but this is as good or better.

I was so stoked to be playing, it was totally lost on me that there was something wrong with my prestige edition. I thought I was the only one unlucky enough to end up without a complete Soap head. , but I've seen a couple things online suggesting a few other people may have had that problem. In my case, I had two left halves of Soap's head and was missing the right half.

I brought mine back to Best Buy the moment they opened this morning, but not before I'd already emailed and called Jakks (the company that made the bust and night vision goggles for Activision) to ask what to do, since I wasn't sure if Best Buy would have a replacement (the prestige editions are sold out, from what I understand).

Anyway, Best Buy took care of my problem, but the folks at Jakks were super friendly. The lady on the phone promptly called me back, and I've already gotten a response from them via email:

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: RE: Modern Warfare 2 Prestige TWO LEFT HEADS!
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2009 14:53:38 -0800
From: Carlos ** **** <*******@jakks.net>
To: <david@>

Thank you for contacting Consumer Relations

We are in the process of ordering the face halves, but we will be able to send you the parts that you need. If you can please verify which half you need, as if you were the mannequin, ie if you were looking at the back of it’s head. Also please forward me your mailing address, and a contact phone number. We will contact you as soon as we receive and send out the replacements.

Thank you,
Carlos ** ****
Consumer Relations
21749 Baker Parkway Industry CA 91789

The email address I wrote to them was at consumer (at) jakks.net, in case any of you had the same problem.

Modern Warfare 2 + Jack in the Box + Monster

Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition Night Vision Goggles

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Do you think there's a shelter for battered shrimp?

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Yes, I lag.

The original doodle, in case you missed it..

and now for the alternate ending. I call it "The Fountain of Youth".

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My Dearest Trader Ming:

While I enjoyed your Shrimp Gyoza, I believe you may have left out a step in the directions.

I heated the oil in the wok on high and began pan frying the gyoza, flat side down, just as your directions indicated. It was, however, after those 4 minutes when you instructed me to "add 4 tablespoons of water to pan" that things went horribly, horribly wrong.

You seemed to have neglected to include the part where the gyoza would immediately go supernova. While the loud eruption startled scared the living fuck out of me, it was the geyser of oily, searing hot pain that rained down immediately after, causing me to slip while trying to exit what I believed at the time be an exploding kitchen, that I will remember most.

I can only assume that this was meant as payback for Hiroshima. We're even, okay? Please don't try to kill me again with your delicious frozen food treats.



Nov. 5th, 2008 12:29 pm
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Last night and this morning stung. I never really thought my fellow Californians would vote for hate, but in the end, a lot of them probably had a hard time going against the will of their respective churches.

As much as these people acted as bigots, I'm slowly realizing that many Californians simply don't hate gays. Sure, it's a part of that vote, but it's not 52%. That's simply not who we are. The bigots have somehow found a home with the church, and we've unfortunately found ourselves countering years worth of rhetoric from the clergy and other leaders.

The past 8+ years, they've heard the politics of prejudice and hate preached by the likes of Karl Rove through the very leader of our country. Decent and good people have had that message bolstered by a Republican convention full of rabid fundamentalists willing to go to any length to make us the feared and hated target of their culture war, regardless of the cost to us. They wasted millions of dollars to do nothing but attack us.

I think I'd gotten somewhat complacent in my little bubble here in Southern California, and that's what makes this sting more to us, I think. We've had our very foundations rattled, in a place where we've felt safe to be ourselves, where we felt not just tolerated, but respected. The battle isn't just being waged here though. This whole event has made me realize how critically, critically important it is we take up this fight at all levels.

I do have some hope that with Obama, the Republicans will no longer have the White House from which to spew its messages of intolerance.

To the leaders of the Catholic and Mormon Churches, however, I kind of hope there is a hell. I'd love to see you judged by your actions this election. You spent millions of dollars that could have helped people to hurt people. If there is true evil in the world, you exemplified it with your bold-faced lies, your fear tactics, and your abhorrent bigotry. You've masterfully shown to the world why the separation of church and state must, must be maintained.
In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. He is always in alliance with the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own.
-Thomas Jefferson, 1814



Nov. 4th, 2008 10:59 pm
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I cheered. We all cheered as McCain conceded defeat.

It was a truly a surreal moment, however, at the Henry Fonda Theater when they introduced Obama as the next POTUS. I actually teared up as I watched and listened to our new President.

It was amazing. It was truly, truly amazing. In all of the elections in which I've participated, I've never been so ecstatic, so moved, and so inspired. He's a great orator. In the end though, the real victory is that his election is symbolic of and sends the message of a course change that is so woefully needed by this country.

After his speech though, my friend informed of Prop 8's status, which was just depressing. I remember how surprised I was when Prop 22 passed, but this is years later. Little has apparently changed. The fact is, I live in a state that right now cares more about the rights of chickens (prop 2) than it does of its own citizens.

I know the fight isn't over, but I'm drained. Why do I have to feel as if I need to fight for my rights every, single election?

I guess I should be happy our country took a new direction tonight. I'm really disappointed in my state right now though.

I always thought we were different. I spoke to a friend in the south who reminded me that we still have it much better off than they do. It still stings though. In some ways, to be honest, I think it stings more. I didn't realize so many in my own state felt the way they do.

Here's to Hope. For tonight, though, I'm going to take my Ambien and go to sleep before the Prop 8 bigots announce their temporary victory. Our fight continues tomorrow...

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zomg everything I touch is shocking the frak out of me.

Close a window? ZAP
Touch my XBox headset? ZAP!
Open a window? ZAP
Touch my phone? ZAP
Flush the toilet? ZAP
Wanna use my laptop? ZZZZZZZAP

This was maybe funny the first 30 times. Now I'm scared to touch anything.


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Cross Walk  

I like the timers on pedestrian crosswalks, particularly when driving so I know if I can make the light as I near the intersection.

After I went through a couple lights on Olympic Blvd today, just barely making it to each as the countdown ran out and the light went yellow, I couldn't help but feel as if I were in a video game racing to hit all the checkpoints in time.

All I need now are paddle shifters, a radio that can tune "Splash Breeze", and a blonde sitting next to me saying "Great job" over and over until I'm trying to figure out where the melee button is.

I'm not entirely sure any of this is a good thing for my fellow drivers....


tweet this

May. 8th, 2008 10:25 pm
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that's weird. i can't seem to find the option to have twitter notifications BURNED INTO MY FUCKING SCROTUM WITH A SALTY, HOT CATTLE PROD.

if i could totally kill only two people this year, it would be the guy on the infomercials who talks about the importance of evacuating the 1200 pounds of leftover crap in your colon and the fraking twat monkey who thought giving venture capital to twitter was a good idea.

...and if i could get one more, i'd go after the person or persons who thought it would be so fucking awesome to syndicate the twitter content to every other service on earth. O HAI MAYBE IN ADDITIONS TO TEXTING MY PHONE, IMING ME, EMAILING ME, AND POSTING IT TO MY FACEBOOK YOU COULD ATTACH IT TO LARGE ROCKS AND THROW IT AT MY FUCKING HEAD TOO!

ok i'm just kidding. you know i love you all. but seriously, twitter needs to die painfully in a tragic velociraptor acid reflux accident.

p.s. i'll probably twitter you this weekend when i'm bored in an airport.
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My little man's an Officer now. Seems like yesterday he was just a Sergeant Major.

*sniff* I'm all verklempt... talk amongst yourselves.

My d00d let me show you him


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My vacuum cleaner apparently went batshit. Wires all over my room. It pulled my other cell phone off its charger and somehow left it way on the other side of the room before hiding my bluetooth headset charger. I've got papers ripped all over the place.

When I find where he's hiding, he's SO gonna get it.

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Awww... One of Doral's baby teeth fell out today.

Roomba baby tooth

...guess someone's getting a visit from the Tooth Fairy tonight!

who's a cute widdle Roomba? Yesh you are... Yesh you are...

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The Moon disappeared—like totally effing gone. I was told there would reddish orange tinges that would dazzle the skies.... DAZZLE THE SKIES!!

Stupid lying NASA. We're in a fight.


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Historic vote cast...

Historic vote cast...,

Originally uploaded from my mobile by davidology.

Done and done.

In the end, it really was a toss up. I still go back and forth in my head. I could happily go for Hillary, but I think Obama sends the right message: being tired of the same old politics. A good orator, a good leader is certainly something this country could use.

In the general election, I will happily cast my vote for either candidate. It's been a long time since we've had a choice where we didn't have to hold our noses as we selected the candidate. The gravy? it was an historic vote regardless of whom you chose, and you'll get to do it again in November—regardless of the winner.

I'm really glad I could be part of it.

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I don't remember getting home from the bar, and I woke up with Hillary stickers all over me. (Is there a cream for that?)

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Yes, please
Yes, please,
Originally uploaded from my mobile by davidology.


Jan. 16th, 2008 02:20 pm
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My Cheesy Gordita Crunch lost its crunch.

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Watching The Year Without A Santa Claus (the bestest holiday special EVAR), I suddenly envisioned this. I have no idea why.

Fox News Christmas

Unrelated, my friend noticed that Snow Miser refers to Heat Miser as his "step brother" (I always just thought they were brothers). This begs the question: uhh... how many guys did Mother Nature bone, and who the hell are the baby daddies?

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I don't like stick people, meh.

So I like to have my own little alter-endings to the Google holiday doodles since theirs just never seem to have enough sex and/or violence. In that spirit, here's 2007. I like fire.



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