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I picked up my Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2 promptly at midnight last night. It was pretty crazy: Infinity Ward had a tank, a humvee, and a line that wrapped around the block. After freezing my ass off for an hour, I got my precious—which I played on Veteran until 5 in the morning when I thought it might be good to get 3 hours sleep before work.

The game is simply fraking AWESOME. I didn't know if Infinity Ward could outdo Call of Duty 4, but this is as good or better.

I was so stoked to be playing, it was totally lost on me that there was something wrong with my prestige edition. I thought I was the only one unlucky enough to end up without a complete Soap head. , but I've seen a couple things online suggesting a few other people may have had that problem. In my case, I had two left halves of Soap's head and was missing the right half.

I brought mine back to Best Buy the moment they opened this morning, but not before I'd already emailed and called Jakks (the company that made the bust and night vision goggles for Activision) to ask what to do, since I wasn't sure if Best Buy would have a replacement (the prestige editions are sold out, from what I understand).

Anyway, Best Buy took care of my problem, but the folks at Jakks were super friendly. The lady on the phone promptly called me back, and I've already gotten a response from them via email:

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: RE: Modern Warfare 2 Prestige TWO LEFT HEADS!
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2009 14:53:38 -0800
From: Carlos ** **** <*******@jakks.net>
To: <david@>

Thank you for contacting Consumer Relations

We are in the process of ordering the face halves, but we will be able to send you the parts that you need. If you can please verify which half you need, as if you were the mannequin, ie if you were looking at the back of it’s head. Also please forward me your mailing address, and a contact phone number. We will contact you as soon as we receive and send out the replacements.

Thank you,
Carlos ** ****
Consumer Relations
21749 Baker Parkway Industry CA 91789

The email address I wrote to them was at consumer (at) jakks.net, in case any of you had the same problem.

Modern Warfare 2 + Jack in the Box + Monster

Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition Night Vision Goggles

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I'm still playing SR2. This game has everything!

Here's me in my new pants, with one of my purple ninjas, in the gay bar I just bought:

I went into the trailer park (Sarah Palin likes to call it "Real Stilwater"), stole this bitch's beer, then beat her over the head with it. This is me standing over her body as she bleeds out. awww...

Here my PC is dancing as my purple ninja watches on, while one of the bar patrons cowers in fear at my mad dancing skillz. This game is ridonkulous. I love it!


True Art

May. 7th, 2008 04:48 pm
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it's really the subtle nuances and attention to detail that makes a good game.

Take, Grand Theft Auto IV, for example.

It's the way your character hits every step going up and down the stairs that makes it special—the way his head and shoulders gently move up and down as you walk; the way the illumination from your headlights casts shadows on your surroundings;

It's the way your car's engine catches fire after too many crashes; the way the fire slowly expands from the engine compartment to the rest of the car until it finally explodes and the fire spreads to cars around you.... The way the driver of the car next to yours jumps out of her car with her clothes on fire screaming and flailing her arms; the way she drops and rolls around on the ground for a good minute screaming in a futile attempt to put the flames out until the fire finally goes out and she's left quiet, with nothing but her charred remains on the pavement.

It's the little touches....

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My little man's an Officer now. Seems like yesterday he was just a Sergeant Major.

*sniff* I'm all verklempt... talk amongst yourselves.

My d00d let me show you him


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I just downloaded the Battlestar Galactica game from Xbox Live Arcade.


I was kind of expecting a bit of disappointment from the reviews and screenshots, but whoa. The graphics aren't bad, but the problem is they're really just background graphics.

The game is actually played on a 2-D plane. So in the demo, you're just a little Raptor-like thing in the center of the screen shooting at giant C-shaped things posing as Cylon Raiders. So while you can see Galactica, the Astral Queen, and the Mining Ship, they're just eye candy from afar. You can't actually fly to any of them (at least not from what I've seen in the demo).

What makes it even worse is that there's no dialog. So when the alarms sound, instead of hearing someone barking status or orders, you get "Frak! That's a Cylon Basestar!" written at the bottom of the screen, which really sucks what remaining fun there might have been out of it.

I guess in the end, it's supposed to be a simple arcade game, and it accomplishes that. I think I still wanted to see something a bit better though. I wanted something a little more exciting than Asteroids with pretty wallpaper. I'm worried I'd get bored with it really fast.

I haven't decided for certain if I won't just go ahead and get it. It is only 800 MS Points, which at current exchange rates is only $10USD (MS Points might be the only currency left worth less than the US Dollar right now.. ZING!).

Of course, now that I've played the demo, XBL places it in on my gamercard. I always found that funny since you can't actually earn achievements unless you buy the game. But I guess they know that for people like me, it's going to drive me crazy just knowing is there showing 0 achievements, and I can't remove it. Frak you, Bill Gates! Frak you!

P.S. but the game does have barrel rolls.

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Only when you play Halo 3 Multiplayer on a gay team can you hear/say such things as:

OMG let's kill him and take his shoes!

Let's go kill some betches!

Did you see me? I was totally driving that Warthog like Halle Barry.

*with 3 people on a Warthog* Did anyone bring a Madonna CD? No, but I have Wham!

You shot my hair!

Let me borrow that top!

OMG! I LOVE riding the Man Canon.

*gay/schoolgirl shriek*
(when killed)

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (while riding a man canon... or really anytime)

I think we traumatized several other teams (since they can hear voices when you're near them). Actually the worst gay shriek probably was from me. Three members of the opposite team totally caught me off guard and fragged me. After I screamed, I heard "What the fuck was that?!" I think I went ultrasonic.

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Halo 3 Campaign Complete: Heroic

Tomorrow Today is going to suck hard.

...now for 2 hours of sleep.


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I'm seriously about to piss myself with anticipation for Halo 3 tomorrow night.

It's like trying to sleep on Christmas Eve. It'll get worse for sure once once my Halo 3 countdown widget goes below 1 day. I have to somehow get a full night's sleep tonight, cuz I'm not sure how much I'll get tomorrow night. I plan to be at the store at midnight to pick mine up. I'll probably end up playing until some ungodsly hour. I just can't wait to ride the man cannon again.

...I'm totally taking my Master Chief action figures to work tomorrow.


Master Chief dancing
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For future reference, apparently closing the bathroom door and turning on the vent != "adequate ventilation"

I'll like it much better when my tongue doesn't feel hairy anymore and I stop tasting paint or sneezing glossy brown-black mocha.

Today, I was actually carded when I bought BioShock.

"We have to card everyone now."

That California law Guvnah Ahnold is so fond of was blocked by the courts, but I guess Best Buy is covering its arse anyway.


Jack "ZOMFG WON'T SOME PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!1!111eleventy-one!" Thompson can lick my fucking clit.

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New maps are out for GRAW2!
New maps are out for GRAW2!
New maps are out for GRAW2!
New maps are out for GRAW2!
New maps are out for GRAW2!
New maps are out for GRAW2!
New maps are out for GRAW2!
New maps are out for GRAW2!
New maps are out for GRAW2!
New maps are out for GRAW2!
New maps are out for GRAW2!
New maps are out for GRAW2!
New maps are out for GRAW2!
New maps are out for GRAW2!
New maps are out for GRAW2!



Guess I'm skipping the gym. seXbox's gettin' some sweet lovin' tonight!

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I ranked #73 on the permanent leaderboards for "The Price of Peace" mission on GRAW2!

I'd like to thank my parents and Patron for making this all possible.

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Leaderboard


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Call of Duty 3


I will be waiting in the store.

...waiting for the cash registers to turn to midnight.

You will be mine.

Wah[Edit: Virgin Mega isn't getting its shipment until later in the week. Guess I'll have to go to EB Games tomorrow and hope for the best.]

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Okay, so apparently some time on Sunday, I decided (drunkenly) with friends that I should change my xbox live gamertag to "CakeOrFrag".

At the time, I apparently was quite amused. Now, that sobriety has kicked in, I'm not so sure. For another $8 I think I can change it again. But maybe I'm being too critical.

Ack... so I need some outside opinions. What do you think?


[Poll #773040]

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is pleased to announce

the birth of a bouncing baby Xbox 360,

on April 18, 2006, at 11:57,

in Van Nuys, California, Costco,

weighing in at 7 pounds, 11.2 ounces,

10.25 inches, 3.2 gHz

/loves price club long time
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Okay, I'm willing to have to place my order 5 times at Subway so that it can be understood, but do I really need to waste 20 minutes on the phone trying to get some guy in India to understand my question when my cable company is here?!

Is every U.S. call center in India now?!?!?

And I decided to spend a little of my tax refund on an XBOX that was on sale at CostCo. Everything was sunshine, lollipops and rainbows until I decided I wanted to take advantage of pseudo-high definition. I reconfigured my receiver, got the High Definition AV pack when I discovered that the XBOX alternates between 480i and 480p/1080i modes whenever the game or unit requests it. Well.......... My TV, along with many others', will switch between 480p and 1080i with no issues. But it doesn't do 480i on the HD input. What idiot at Microsoft came up with this idea?! Did the jackass test it on multiple TV sets? What an assclown!

So now it's back to Fry's to stand in the returns line. Hopefully the other unit that had both S-Video and Component outputs will output both at the same time. At least then I can just switch the TV inputs to change modes. Either way, how utterly irritating.

Okay... I'm done bitching....


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