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I'm so really not ready for Storm Watch 2008.


Today's storm should bring light to moderate rainfall in the afternoon, with the downpour intensifying in the evening and overnight.

The final wave in a series of storms is expected to hit Sunday and clear away by late Monday.

Overall, 2 to 4 inches of rain are now expected for the coast and valleys, with 5 to 10 inches in the mountains, forecasters said.[sauce]


eh... on second thought, fuck Autie Em. Bring Auntie Mame with the pills and hooch. Kinda wishing I had a storm bunker. I'll find somes boxes and make a fort in my living room tonight.

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i'll drive to the snow when i want motherfucking snow. no one called pinkdot and said we wanted snow delivery.

first thunder, then a sudden rain storm, then hail. Now... snow.

snow wtf

It motherfucking snowed in motherfucking Zuma.

Reports of snow flurries at UCLA and at the Ralph's, like 2 minutes away from the office.

this shit better have melted cuz my ass has to drive home. ENOUGH WITH THE COLD ALREADY! it's played. tired. over. done. SCENE!

stop it! now someone warm this bitch back up above 60 so i can go outside without my nipples cutting through my shirt.

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It's cold here in L.A.

Ball freezing cold outside. The Pea coat, scarf, gloves, beanie, they do NOTHING! My friend, Mr. I'm-from-Illinois called me a weather pussy, which I'm totally okay with as my weather pussy was nice and warm all weekend inside.

Seriously, I don't think I stepped foot outside the building after dark (well, after that one tragic Trader Joe's walk Friday night, anyway). Cold weather and rain are two times you can stay in on the weekend and not feel guilty about it.

So, $200 poorer, I did surgery on the Macbook and gave it a 2gb transplant so I could assign 1gb to the parallels' virtual machine. I think the Thinkpad is jealous. Regardless, it's the seXbox that got all the love this weekend.

After that, I spent each night turning on the fireplace, sitting on the coffee table, playing Xbox. You'd be surprised how long you can do that with a sippy cupped filled with caffeine perched in front of you (actually, until your bladder commands you to get up).

I'm not sure how long the Arctic freeze is supposed to last here. It's kind of out of control. My roommate mmsed me a picture from his car this morning showing "35F" (he gets up way earlier than I). I'd like to thaw out though. I don't like wearing coats, and my idea of layers is a long sleeve under a short sleeve.

Anyway, it being MLK Day, and being stuck at work, I've found myself reminded of a quote that I've always found really poignant and probably something that's good to remind myself of more than just once a year:
Lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


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