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KTLA anchor Hal Fishman dead at 75
By Dennis McLellan, Times Staff Writer
7:55 AM PDT, August 7, 2007

Hal Fishman, the multi-award-winning KTLA-TV Channel 5 news anchor who was a Los Angeles broadcasting fixture for nearly 50 years, died today, the station announced this morning. He was 75.

Damn. I hardly ever watch the news, but that guy's like always been there.

Crazy. What a pisser.

LA Times article

KTLA tribute

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*ganked from [livejournal.com profile] wtf_inc*

Epic Lulz? In MY Vag?

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I emailed WH Public Safety about the shooting and got a call back. Apparently, it went down like this:

Guy's walking down Larrabee, up the street a little bit from Video West and East/West Lounge. Guy standing next to his car (shaved head) approached the victim and demanded his wallet. He refused, backed away, and made a motion as if he were going to pull out a gun. That's when the suspect shot him in the arm. He walked to the police station to report it, and paramedics treated him there.

So... yeah, if you see a suspicious guy just standing against a car, you might want to be alert. And, might not be such a good idea to pretend you have a gun unless you're willing to back that up.

In other news, I've had entirely too many regular iced teas and Cokes today. And weeeeee....

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Okay, this freaks me out a bit.

This was posted as a MySpace bulletin, but I confirmed the information with the West Hollywood Sheriff's Watch Commander:

So last night [Monday night/Tuesday morning, 5/1/2006] my neighbor was walking home from the bars around 12:30AM back to his apartment. He was just a few hundred feet away (up from East/West and Video West) when an old car with three men pulled up and demanded his wallet. Since he was about 15 feet away from them he refused and started to walk away. One of the men in the car pulled out a nine-millimeter gun and shot him. Luckily, he was only shot in the arm and the bullet went clean through. There appears to be no severe damage and he will make a full recovery. The men have not been apprehended and are still at large.

This is pretty freaky cuz unlike most of L.A., W. Hollywood is definitely a walking city and generally considered safe. This sort of thing doesn't really happen often, but when they do, they often repeat.

To my knowledge, no one has been caught yet. So, yeah, be hyper aware of your surroundings when walking. No more mp3 player in my ear.

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Ooops... this has been in my Semagic buffer at work since the 13th. Creeeeeepy.

Is Your Printer Spying On You?
Help EFF Watch the Watchers
Update, October 13th

Imagine that every time you printed a document, it automatically included a secret code that could be used to identify the printer - and potentially, the person who used it. Sounds like something from in episode of "Alias," right?

Unfortunately, the scenario isn't fictional. In a purported effort to identify counterfeiters, the US government has succeeded in persuading some color laser printer manufacturers to encode each page with identifying information. That means that without your knowledge or consent, an act you assume is private could become public. A communication tool you're using in everyday life could become a tool for government surveillance. And what's worse, there are no laws to prevent abuse.

Rest of article )

Article here

Document that describes how to decipher Xerox DocuColor printer dots


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