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I really should start doing this sooner.

I've gone through my ballot and have chosen how I'm voting tomorrow (in the off chance someone might care). A prerequisite to how I vote is a candidate's position on LGBT equality. Any candidate who doesn't support basic, fundamental civil rights clearly is a complete and total moron as far as I'm concerned and unfit to govern (he/she might try running for office where such views are considered normal... say, in Iran).

Anywho here is how I'm voting tomorrow!

Governor - Jerry Brown. Whitman has stated point blank that she would use her position to defend Prop 8. If that isn't enough to dissuade you, she couldn't even be bothered to vote for over 20 years. Let her buy some other state.

Lt Governor - Gavin Newsom (guy is hot, and Lt Governor doesn't really do anything - might as well vote for the guy who isn't bad to look at... amirite??)

Sec of State - Debra Bowen. The Republican alternative has described himself as being "conservative on social issues." 'nuff said.

Controller - Democrat John Chiang. The Republican alternative has publicly stated his opposition to gay marriage.

Treasurer - Democrat Bill Lockyer. I've never had a reason to vote against him. The GOP candidate is known to be rather anti-hispanic.

Attorney General - A key election. Kamala Harris is the best choice here. Republican Cooley has criticized Schwarzenegger for not defending prop 8, and has pledged to defend prop 8 if he's elected.

Insurance Commissioner - Dave Jones

State Bd of Equalization, District 4 - Jerome Horton

US Senator - Barbara Boxer. No choice here. Fiorina is a proud anti-gay, prop 8-supporting bigot. The smug billionaire will set LGBT rights back 20 years if she's elected.

US Representative, 30th District - Henry Waxman. The GOP alternative Wilkerson is against gays in the military and is so radical he doesn't even support stem cell research.

State Assembly, 42nd District - Mike Feuer. I couldn't find much on this election, but anti-choice extremists HATE Feuer, so he must be good.

Supreme Court Justices:
Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye - YES (moderate Republican, has presided over gay marriages)
Ming Chin - NO (voted to ban gay marriage)
Carlos Moreno - YES (supporter of gay marriage)

Court of Appeals:
Robert Mallano - YES
Victoria G. Chaney - NO (couldn't find anything specific on her, but she's supported by bigoted organizations opposed to equality)
Jeffrey Johnson - YES (vehemently opposed by anti-gay groups)
Judith Ashmann - YES (opposed by anti-gay bigots)
Walter Croskey - YES (opposed by anti-gay groups)
Steven Suzukawa - NO (supported by anti-gay groups)
Orville "Jack" Armstrong - NO (supported by anti gay groups)
Paul H. Coffee - YES (couldn't find anything specific, but he is opposed by conservative groups, so I'm erring on the side of caution and supporting him)
Steven Perren - YES YES YES (strongly opposed by anti-gay bigots; he must be awesome)
Laurie Zelon - YES (opposed by anti-gay groups)
Frank Jackson - NO (supported by anti-gay groups)
Tricia Bigelow - NO (could go either way here, but was supported by anti-gay groups, so I'm voting no)
Elizabeth Annette Grimes - NO (supported by anti-gay groups)

Judge of Superior Court:
Office 28 - Randy Hammock - Republican supported by LGBT lawyers
Office 117 - Alan Schneider - supported by LA Times and various other groups I tend to trust
Office 136 - Amy Hogue

Superintendent of Public Instruction - Tom Torlakson (supports gay marriage)
County Assessor - John Noguez (gay candidate)

Prop 19 - YES
Prop 20 - NO
Prop 21 - NO
Prop 22 - NO
Prop 23 - NO (dangerous, disingenuous prop would set back our clean air legislation)
Prop 24 - NO
Prop 25 - YES
Prop 26 - NO
Prop 27 - YES

(using an old turnout.org userpic... seems appropriate, and falls on the right date again!)
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my sinuses have been swollen all day. I just blew my nose, and a pet poodle and half a mobile home park came out.

need. sinus medicine. now.


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Most of you have probably received these ad nauseum on your facebooks, LJs, etc., so let me add one more spam to make sure you know about it!

There is going to be another, very large, this time nationwide protest for gay rights, tomorrow (Saturday) starting at the unholy hour of 10:30 am. For Angelenos, our location is downtown Los Angeles City Hall (200 N Spring St). If you hate driving and parking downtown like I do, remember the subway is an option (check metro.net for route information).

If you're not in L.A., there is likely a demonstration going on in your area as well. Please checkout JoinTheImpact.com for more information.

We need to keep up the visibility on this issue and make sure people know we're not going away... not this time, and second class citizenship is no longer acceptable.

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." -Martin Luther King, Jr.


/LA Pride

Jun. 11th, 2007 11:30 pm
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LA Pride

Unfortunately, another pride weekend has come and gone, and the city returns to normal. There's, well, just something fun about wall to wall drunk gays pouring out into the streets!

From what I remember, we had a blast! Friday night I went to a friend's bday party. Saturday night, we spent most of the night at Here. I blew off the circuit party a lot of people were going to and opted to hang out at the bars. I ended up going to an after hours my neighbors invited me to at the last minute. Unfortunately, I missed the parade Sunday morning, which is a bummer, but I was just way too wrecked after coming in at 7:00.

When I did get my ass up Sunday, I met friends and we went around bar hopping and hitting up the festival. I do seem to remember sneaking up behind my friend Tony, jumping on his back and yelling "SURPRISE BUTTSECKS!" down the street for no good reason whatsoever. I also have a picture of Go Go dancers at MotherLode (at least I think it's MotherLode). I think that was Friday night. I also remember Dirty Stripper Night at Micky's, so we must've ended up there as well.

All-in-all, much awesomeness was had.

I'm really kind of sad it's over, however.

*sigh* I'm soooo not ready to go back to work tomorrow.

It wasn't from the surprise buttsecks


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Hygiene card

The Chinese restaurant I was just about to get takeout from was closed by the county public health department for "Vermin infestation" apparently minutes before I got there.

There were still people inside eating. I'm not sure they were aware of the sign that had been just posted on the door.

I quickly got back in my car realizing that if I'd been 10 minutes earlier.... *vomits*

I guess I now know better than to go to a place that has consistently never gotten any higher than a "B". *shivers*



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