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I couldn't help but notice that during this outage, Twitter was barely responding. MySpace bulletins were totally jacked.

This is what happens when all the angst of the internet that's normally channeled through livejournal has no place to go. But what if xanga had gone down?

my. dear. god.

I shudder to think what would've happened. It very likely could've caused a total meltdown that would've torn the fabric of space and time a new butt hole.

I missed you internets.



Jul. 7th, 2006 10:28 pm
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From [livejournal.com profile] xtex:
The LiveJournal Chat/IM System just went into alpha testing.

It will support ESN, which will let you subscribe to notifications, such as new friendings, posts, (and all other fun stalking features).. etc..

Be afraid. :)

You just need an IM client that supports jabber protocol (gaim works well for Linux and Windows).

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Post 10 anonymous things about users on your friends list but don't say whom they're about.

  1. OMG I hate you. You've just been on my friends list so long I can't take you off.
  2. Get over it already! At least 3 other people have posted the same thing about you in private entries, and I don't think you even know it.
  3. Are you ever happy?!
  4. You post way too much.
  5. You whine too much.
  6. You're so vain.
  7. I bet you think this meme is about you.
  8. Don't you?
  9. Don't you?
  10. Actually, none of these is about anyone. I totally pulled them out of my butt without looking at my friends list (that was the twist). :-D



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