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is pleased to announce

the birth of a bouncing baby Xbox 360,

on April 18, 2006, at 11:57,

in Van Nuys, California, Costco,

weighing in at 7 pounds, 11.2 ounces,

10.25 inches, 3.2 gHz

/loves price club long time
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This weekend brought on more packing, but first Friday night I decided to try on my princess parking [PDF]. Our new parking district I've learned is below Sunset, between the Beverly Hills city line and Hancock Ave, so I was able to walk to The Abbey. I hung out with a few friends. I'm not entirely sure why, how, or when, but one of my friends gave me some of his ADHD medicine. If you've seen Bart on Focalin (Focasin??), that was me. Despite my drunken state, when my roommate and I got home to our old/current place, I took down two shelves, a set of mirrors, my DVD rack, and packed all of my DVDs.

Saturday, my roommate and I needed grease and red meat to take care of the prior evening's hangover, so we had lunch at The Counter where we saw Owen Wilson, which was kinda random. Then we picked up the keys to the new pad, and spent several hours between OSH and Homo Depot. Seriously, we entered Home Depot in the day light, and left when it was pitch black, yet still did not find everything we needed. I did, however, find a toilet seat that has springs or something to prevent it from slamming down.

Sunday (today), we spent most of the day changing out the door knobs, light switches, and electrical sockets (it had those nasty ivory-colored monstrosities). Sadly, we only got through half of the switches and sockets. As we were leaving, our new neighbor had our future wall bumping pretty hard from the techno he was listening to. Techno and house should really never be listened to sober.

Next weekend is the big move. This week's gonna be hella busy.

This is a couple months old, but it's been stuck in my head all weekend since having chocolate martinis at The Abbey.

Nobody hates the chocolate!

[edit:. My roommate introduced me to Costco meatballs tonight. They're like little orgasms in my mouth.]
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Okay, I'm willing to have to place my order 5 times at Subway so that it can be understood, but do I really need to waste 20 minutes on the phone trying to get some guy in India to understand my question when my cable company is here?!

Is every U.S. call center in India now?!?!?

And I decided to spend a little of my tax refund on an XBOX that was on sale at CostCo. Everything was sunshine, lollipops and rainbows until I decided I wanted to take advantage of pseudo-high definition. I reconfigured my receiver, got the High Definition AV pack when I discovered that the XBOX alternates between 480i and 480p/1080i modes whenever the game or unit requests it. Well.......... My TV, along with many others', will switch between 480p and 1080i with no issues. But it doesn't do 480i on the HD input. What idiot at Microsoft came up with this idea?! Did the jackass test it on multiple TV sets? What an assclown!

So now it's back to Fry's to stand in the returns line. Hopefully the other unit that had both S-Video and Component outputs will output both at the same time. At least then I can just switch the TV inputs to change modes. Either way, how utterly irritating.

Okay... I'm done bitching....


Mar. 10th, 2004 09:23 pm
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Holy crap. Costco has their wetsuits in. I'm so going to get one one of these days.

Not to go diving or anything crazy like that. I just have must have some sort of fetish for those things. Seriously... a hot boi in a wetsuit, holy christ on a cracker. I think it's latent desires from watching surfers change in and out of their wet suits at the beach.

I think steam is coming from my ears. I think I need a cold shower or something.
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Sometime ago after a week-long stay in the goose-down comfort of a hotel, a trip to Costco began a bedding upgrade. One of my roommates and I happened upon their goose-down comforters. The specifications were pretty good, and the price right, so we indulged. Its pillowy softness hugged and kept me warm many nights. It was only a couple months, however, before I noticed feathers were migrating around my room. The down-proof fabric was not. My roommate had no such problem, so mine was defective.

After removing the comforter to clean the duvet cover one day, I realized, the problem was worse than I'd expected. After washing, I carefully tucked the comforter back into its home and realized I would not be able to remove it again until I replaced it.

Time was running out

Each trip to Costco, I'd look. But unfortunately, they wouldn't have it. The few feathers here and there became a part of my life — almost a dietary supplement, as inhaling the tiny creatures occurred from time to time. The duvet cover kept most of them in. Unfortunately, as the months rolled on with no replacement, I was painfully aware of its unwashed state. I did everything to keep it from getting dirty, but it still bothered me, and feathers were accumulating inside. For those of you unaware, I can be anal about my bedding. The comforter acts as a barrier to keep dirt and whatnot out. I won't generally retire under its protective layer without having showered first. I like my sheets and bedding clean. But I digress.

"He shoots, he scores"

Recently a friend came over — uhm, quite literally. Time had now expired. The inevitable operation was needed stat. A quick trip first thing the next morning to Costco revealed a few comforters left. Back home, I stood looking at the patient and sighed as I carefully unsutured the duvet cover that had been sullied and pulled out the old comorter.

Now, mind you, I've never seen a goose explode before. But I know knew what the aftermath would look like. There were tiny feathers — everywhere. It was as if someone had stuck an M80 up a goose's butt and lit it. I was coated — feathered without the tar. I sealed the old comforter up in the new comforter's case, coughed a lot, and brought the duvet to be washed.

The cleanup begins

My floor was covered in little tiny white feathers. There were feathers floating everywhere. I was breathing more Feathers than O2. I vaccuumed up what I could and then decided to remove the vaccuum tube from the roller part. As I proceeded to chase the floating feathers around the room, trying to suck them up one by one, I noticed no suction. Checking the bag (and in the process releasing more particles into the air), I discovered the vaccuum had become clogged. I cleared the obstruction, and my adventure continued.

I had the main part of the vaccuum in one hand, the nozzle in the other. I realized I needed to test the suction. I had no free hands so needed another part of my skin. In hindsight, my face probably wasn't the best choice. After I managed to extricate my cheek from the vaccuum nozzle, I became worried it might leave a hickey. Wondering how I would explain it to friends that the hickey actually came a vaccuum cleaner and no, I really was just cleaning, I continued vaccuuming the air of my room, getting as many of the geese spawn I could.

Most of the feathers have now migrated west, toward the laundry room. Many tried to find a new home in the dryer filter. Many seem to like their new home floating around the atrium of our complex.

I'm hoping the new geese that have settled in my new comforter will not have the problems of the last flock. Otherwise the next birds near me while I slumber will be a species known as down alternative.

::coughs:: ::sneeze::

Does anyone know how well feathers digest?


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